Your Ideas Wanted!

Quite a few people noticed the large American flag over the Veterans' Honor Roll, donated by Rep. Bruce Polquin after being flown over the Capital in DC, was missing and after a bit two flags went up in it's place.

The large flag had gotten tangled in the big tree by it. It was taken down and minor repairs made to the hem. The flag pole has been loosened by frost and would need resetting. The Honor Roll stone is quite small and nearly unnoticeable from the road, a few people mentioned that it just looks like another grave. We also found some names on the stone that should not be there prompting discussion of a new stone. All of this led to a conversation with the Selectmen on what we should do about the situation.

The Selectmen and Larry Hamilton have been looking into a number of possibilities. After much thought and discussion we all agreed we were not happy with the current Honor Roll or it's location. The consensus is that it should stand by itself closer to the Town Office for better viewing. Though the current Honor Roll was only installed about 10 years ago, the major concern at the time was keeping down costs.The Selectmen authorized Larry Hamilton to look into the expense of the project and work on fundraising to help defray the costs. Larry will keep the Selectmen updated on his progress.

We want to properly honor Amity's Veterans as they have given so much for the rest of us. 

Because this is such a very important project, we would like to see the community get involved in this process. We would like ideas and drawings from the public. Veterans and their family members or strongly encouraged to participate in this process.

We would appreciate your ideas. Help us design a fitting monument for the Veterans of Amity. All ideas and drawings will be given consideration, please reference below for specifications. December first is the deadline for submissions; just drop them off at the Town Office.

Some specifications and information:

  • Keep any ideas or drawings to a 25' wide by 40' deep footprint.
  • Include a 30' Flag Pole (American Flag) and two 20' Flagpoles (Maine State flag and POW - MIA flag).
  • Please note the American Flag must be in the middle. There is a minimum of 6' between flagpoles.
  • A gray granite stone with all the names listed on one side. (Black is very expensive to repair or make corrections on)
  • List the names by wars with a space under each to add names if needed.
  • Insignias foe each branch of the service should be on the stone.
  • There are approximation 130 veterans listed on the Honor Roll now. (Some need to be added and others taken off ).

We have received an offer from someone willing to donate a thirty foot flagpole for the American flag. When we checked into shipping we found it would cost over $750.00 for the freight from North Carolina for all three flagpoles. A soon-to-be resident who drives over the road looked to see if his company could get a discount on freight charges.The driver called his dispatcher and Hart Transportation has generously offered to transport them from N.C. to their terminal in Bangor at no charge. We're sure we can get them from Bangor to Amity. Thank you to all!

The cost of the project will be brought before the public at a Town Meeting and voted on before work is begun. We are very aware that Amity is a small town with many low income residents and the more funds we can raise through donations; the less it will cost the residents. Please see the Fundraising page for more information.

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